Unique Corporate Team-Building



PowrServ offers a simple, yet motivational team-based activity that supports philanthropic objectives of companies and their employees, especially millennials. 75% of millennials rank Corporate Social Responsibility as a key attribute in choosing employers.

PowrServ events are held at your location of choice (office, cafeteria or hotel/conference center), allowing more employees to be engaged without having to coordinate travel outside of the workday.


“The PowrServ event was extremely well organized and I can see its value as a turnkey volunteerism event.”

— Conrad Person, Director, Corporate Contributions, Johnson & Johnson

“It was so inspiring to see the team come together to make a difference in the lives of children and families who are struggling with the unexpected loss of shelter, food or water. What an excellent, tangible example of the amazing results that we can achieve, when we work together as a unified team, toward a higher purpose! We truly lived the BD brand through this event and brought our “Global” and “Human” attributes to life with excellence.”

— Nabil Shabshab, CMO, Becton, Dickinson and Company

“Response from our group was overwhelming! Everyone loved it. The event was a fun way for people to work together and give to others”

— Edie Berns, PRA Health Sciences

“The event was a great event! Everything was very well-managed and organized. We definitely are going to do it again next year”

— Jerri Ussery, UnitedHealthcare Group