Building Hygiene Kits is Easier than Ever


What are Hygiene Kits?

Hygiene kits include essential items to stay clean such as toothpaste, washcloth, soap and shampoo. Kits provide a little bit of normalcy in a small bag for those who have suffered during a crisis. They offer the first line of defense against the spread of illness and a first step toward staying healthy!

Our Story

PowrServ events support the non-profit, Heart to Heart International. PowrServ was inspired by Heart to Heart International's founder Dr. Gary Morsch's book "The Power of Serving Others".  Heart to Heart International was started in 1992 with the vision of Dr. Gary Morsch and other Kansas City Rotary Club members who were on a mission to deliver medication after the Chernobyl disaster in Russia. This one-time event planted a vision in Dr. Morsch to create an organization (Heart to Heart International) to consistently serve the poor. 

Learn more about Heart to Heart's mission to strengthen communities through improving health access, providing humanitarian development and administering crisis relief worldwide.


Hygiene Kits Provide a Sense of Normalcy


Hygiene kits are a first line of defense against the spread of illness and can provide comfort during a crisis or disaster. The Impact may feel small, but you can affect lives on local, domestic & international levels.

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 On-site events start at $5,000.


Personal Hygiene Kit

The Personal Hygiene Kit is the first line of defense against the spread of illness and provides a bit of normalcy. This kit provides the essential basics an individual may not have access to after a disaster or crisis.

Impact: international and domestic, in response to disaster, crisis or need.

Items include: soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hand towel, wash cloth, nail clippers and educational material: Stay Healthy Wash Your Hands.


U.S. Domestic Kit

men's kit & Women's kit

The U.S. Domestic kit is a variation of the personal hygiene kit designed to meet domestic needs. Additional items include deodorant, razor, shave cream, and menstrual pads in the Women’s Kit.

Impact: United States, distributed in response to disaster or crisis (safety net clinics, domestic abuse shelters, and homeless shelters, such as City Union Mission).


Empower Girls Kit

Girls in developing nations often lack access to adequate menstrual hygiene products. To avoid embarrassment, potential attack and the cultural stigma associated with menstruation, many girls choose to stay away from school during their periods, missing several days of education. The Empower Girls kit was developed to give girls the confidence and security to continue attending school, regardless of menstruation. 

Items: Soap, detergent, measuring cup, bowl, reusable menstrual underwear, whistle, crank flashlight and educational material: Menstruation Basics.