Hurricane Matthew pounded Haiti with 145 mph winds and 50 ft. waves. The devastation and injuries are significant, and Heart to Heart International is already responding on the south coast of Haiti where the storm was most intense.

Our Haitian medical teams are already there providing help to those injured. The storm’s tidal surge flooded coastal towns and destroyed homes. 840 deaths have already occurred and more can be expected as medical teams reach more rural towns.

Our U.S. Disaster Response Team is in Haiti and will provide more urgently needed medical support to the hardest hit areas.

The people who call Haiti home are amazing. Resilient in the face of adversity while still maintaining a willingness to smile and laugh. Some of our patients walked as much as five hours to be seen in our clinic. I am humbled by their spirit, resourcefulness and tenacity.
— John Caron, Heart to Heart International's Disaster Response Team

Heart to Heart International (HHI) is still in full disaster recovery mode, after Hurricane Matthew ravaged Haiti. HHI has operated in Haiti since 2010 and prepositioned medical supplies enabling our Haitian medical teams to respond as soon as the hurricane made landfall.

Our response includes 6 mobile medical teams (including one made up of volunteers from the U.S., Canda, and Israel) on the ground, are seeing hundreds of patients each day. Each team consists of doctors, nurses, and EMT's. These teams have seen over 5,500 patients in just over two weeks.

The logistics support required is enormous. FedEx chartered a flight to Haiti, allowing us to send 30 pallets of medicines, medical supplies, and hygiene kits for those in desperate need.

Tragically, Cholera appears to be spreading in areas that saw contamination of the water supply. The death toll is rising and could run into the thousands.

The UN and the Government of Haiti have made the containment of Cholera their highest priority, and Heart to Heart International is being asked to take on a major role. Our Haitian medical teams are very experienced treating this deadly disease and we are uniquely prepared for the responsibility. An undertaking of this scope will require the major support of our many friends.

As of Sunday, 10/16 we have been asked to work in the Jeremie and Marfranc areas. Manage the Cholera center in Marfranc and run clinics around Jeremie.

Marie, a 22-year-old mother of three, lives in small community and had her house was totally destroyed. Marie had extremely bad pain in her chest, and unable to feed her sons & herself, was losing hope. Her twin sons were also suffering from illness. Kore Fanmi community health workers found Marie right before Hurricane Matthew hit. The community workers took her to a medical clinic, where she received care for herself & babies. Everyone is recovering now and doing fine. Special thanks to the Kore Fanmi team! Bring Hope to Haiti!

Kore Fanmi is a network of multidisciplinary agents that is considered by many experts to be the closest network to the families, helping them to regain their self-esteem, and reestablishing the social pact between services providers, Haitian Government and the communities

“Kore Fanmi” (meaning family support) is a UNICEF and Heart to Heart International joint project in the Sud-Est.