On Friday, August 12, rain began falling in Louisiana. In some of the hardest-hit areas, it rained for days. Rivers ran backwards, levies overflowed and the water kept rising. Nearly one third of Louisiana’s parishes (similar to counties) were underwater. Lingering effects associated with the flood will be felt for a prolonged period of time as residents start the process of sifting through the destruction, cleaning mold and repairing water damage.

The HHI Disaster Response Team (DRT) deployed to Louisiana to assess the flooding needs and coordinate kit and product distribution with partner organizations in Louisiana. The DRT established contact with our partners in Louisiana to help distribute essential medical product to several locations around Baton Rouge, inspect neighborhoods and help coordinate logistics.

10,000 hygiene kits distributed

"Thank you so much for the care package. I'm one of the thousands here in south Louisiana that flooded. I've been on this place for over 60 years and this was my first flood. Your kind care kit has really brightened up my day. I had no idea how excited I would become over a bag of goodies. Thank you again and I'll be praying for y'all. God has already answered my prayers by sending you." -Patsy M., Louisiana Flood Victim
I wanted to thank Heart to Heart for the Disaster Relief supplies. I live in Denham Springs, Louisiana. We flooded Aug 13. Help came to our area pretty quickly. Your supplies came to me September 23rd. The supplies were greatly appreciated because we were running low on everything. It was very nice to think that the Lenexa Baptist Church assemblers was still praying for my community. We moved out of a small camper and are “camping” in our house. God is GOOD!

In the 25 years Laura and Dale have lived in their Central Louisiana home, they had never experienced flooding like this. During Hurricane Katrina, they lost their roof and had flood waters up to their front stoop.

This time, Laura and Dale were not spared. The massive rainfall and flooding which occurred in August 2016 showed them no mercy. Water flowed into their one story home, devastating everything in its path, and forcing the couple out. Staying in a shelter at night, Laura and Dale began the long cleanup process.

While sorting through and emptying the 25 years of accumulated possessions and memories in their home, the couple is also battling the characteristic late summer heat and humidity of Louisiana.

The Heart to Heart DRT met Laura and Dale while delivering cleaning supplies, water and HHIprovided Hygiene Kits to them and other countless families like them throughout Louisiana.

The Hygiene Kits provide much needed personal care items, including toothbrushes, washcloths and soap to those affected by the floods. With bathtubs, sinks, and the entirety of people’s daily essentials ruined by the flood waters, the hygiene kits are a comfort and greatly appreciated.

Having the ability to clean themselves allows people a sense of normalcy and optimism in the midst of cleaning up the devastation of their homes and putting their lives back together.

Thank you for your hard work. Because you care I am okay. I lost my home to the recent flooding in Louisiana. I was manning a evacuation shelter when someone came in and told me that my house was flooded. That evening I went home and picked up what I could and grabbed a few pieces of clothes and my meds. That was the first of will be many nights I can’t go home. I received your precious gift of a hygiene kit and I thank God for sending y’all to be our angels. Thank you, thank you, may God bless you.
— Patricia, Louisiana Flood Victim
It was very moving to see how our hygiene kits were making a true difference. Most of these people had not stopped to think of their own personal bodies, and the impact of just soap and toothpaste, made the world of difference
— Staci LaVine Parelman, Heart to Heart International Disaster Response Team


HHI is listed on the Charity Navigator responder list for Louisiana Floods.


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